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 Scales logger and our need to extract data from common


We have been looking into the Advanced Serial Data Logger and its functions and are unsure if it is possible to do what we need. I have attached a text file it currently creates via serial ports and another serial data logger we use, but we want something to digest this into our usable data.

The output is as follows. I have highlighted the fields we need. Also underneath i have put this into one line that we would require just to simplify this. Once we have a output correct we would then want this to be inserted into a mysql database.

Basically we would want the output to be something like (as per the above highlighted fields), with this looping for all the export so 1 to 10 of the samples.
1  10:45  1.09  18091


With standard plugins the program can only extract data without the "Code" field. You can use the following settings. If you need the "Code" field, then we can develop a custom parser for you for an additional cost.

Next step: please, read our tutorials how to configure a data export plugins to use prepared parser items:


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