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 Advanced Serial Data Logger - Data Query Module


I recently downloaded your Advanced Serial Data Logger and have a question on the ‘Query Parse Filter’, Data Query Module.

I have piece of equipment that I’d like to capture values from it every 10 seconds. I can hook this up to Windows Hyperterminal, configure the port setting correct, open the connection, enter in the command ‘?03<13>’, hit enter, and it returns results. I’d like to use Advanced Serial Data Logger to perform this for me, every 10 seconds querying the equipment, sending this command ‘?03<13>’ (or something close to it), and write the results to a flat ASCII text file. First step is to get it return something, which I’m failing at.

I have the software installed and configured, on Query Parse Filter I have the following:

And on the Request Options, I have the following:

The return values I get is this:

And no file is created either.

In hyperterminal, I get the following:


Please, append #0D#0A to your request, so it will look like:


#0D#0A - same as the Enter key in HT.

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