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 Is there a way to open the ASPM application AND also have it automatically open the serial connection?


Would it be possible to configure a command script to start Advanced Serial Port Monitor (ASPM) in spy mode and log the results to a file, setting options for timestamps, System Events, name of the log file, etc?

The aim is to be able to set up a batch file to start ASPM without having to spend a few minutes configuring the options.


Yes, it is possible to combine two features: scripting and command line parameters for a script file.

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Furthermore, ASPM should remember your last used options, and you do not need to re-initialize it every time. If it does not work, please, try to start the program with elevated administrator privileges (Right-click over the program icon and select "Run as administrator").

For example, the following command added to a ".BAT" file, starts ASPM with a script in a standalone window:

start "" /B "C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Serial Port Monitor\aspmon.exe" -f "C:\Script\SPY-COM11.txt"

SPY-COM11.txt SPY-COM11.txt

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