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 ASCII text file with the data is appended on the same row


I am generating a ASCII text file with my data. However, the data is appended on the same row, and I need it to be appended on the next line. I tried the ASCII <13><10> and the HEX #OD#OA with no luck, as neither seem to give me the results I need. It is possible I’m putting it on the wrong screen and/or wrong place.

Current file output:

Needed file like this:



Your data contains a non-printable character (a square in Notepad). I don't see a hex code of it.

Please, try to open your file in Word or Wordpad. Notepad is very simple and may not split rows if they are separated by <CR> or <LF> only.

If it will not help, then please, change data view mode in the program window to display codes of non-printable characters, configure the ASCII Data Parser plugin and write data to a file after parsing.

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