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 Estimate the maximum number of configurations, port, devices, data tags


I'm considering buying your Data Logger.

Could you please tell me the maximum capability to log multiple TCP/IP or UDP ports simultaneously is? What is the maximum number of devices the software can handle via TCP/IP?


Unfortunately, it is not possible to estimate the precise number of devices.

It depends on the number of different configurations in our logger. The standard modern computer (CPU 3+ GHz, RAM: 8+ GB) allows you to add 50-60 complex or 60-80 simple configurations.

For example, suppose you have similar devices with an identical data format. In that case, you can create one configuration and receive data from 100-1000 devices (the number of devices depends on the number of data tags). But here is a side effect. The program will handle data from these devices sequentially. It may add significant delays with a large number of devices. It will be better to split devices into groups and separate configurations because each configuration processes data simultaneously.

If you have 100 unique devices with unique data formats, you should create 100 configurations in our loggers because you should configure different parsers and data export rules for these devices.


The simple configuration may include 1-2 plugins without exporting to Excel, Office applications, or databases.

The complex configuration may include 3-5 plugins in total, and 1-2 data export plugins, including exporting to Excel, Office applications, or databases.

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