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To use your serial port software, do I need an actual RS232 port on my machine or use an USB to RS232 converter?
Question To use your serial port software, do I need an actual RS232 port on my machine or use a USB to RS232 converter? Answer If this USB to RS232 converter comes with a sriver that will create...
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Uninstall and reinstall the program on the production computer
Question I had purchased Advanced Serial Data Logger to use it for logging terminal sessions. Currently I had it loaded on a computer to test with, but now I need to move it to the actual production ...
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The program won't start and crashes with an error
Question Clicked on the icon but the program never opened, received the "Please tell Microsoft about this problem." Error Signature = "AppName: xxxxxxxx.exe    AppVer...
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Settings screen
Problem When I first installed the product on my support PC I was able to configure ports etc, & all communications worked fine. Now I have a situation where when I run the program I simply get i...
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Download gives virus warning
Problem I am trying to download the your software, but it gives me a virus warning and deletes. I am using Microsoft Endpoint Security (or another antivirus software). Is this a false positive, and is...
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Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-4428)
Question "Log4Shell, also known as CVE-2021-4428, is a high-severity vulnerability that affects the core function of Apache Log4j. The vulnerability enables an attacker to perform remote code executio...
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