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 Cannot connect to a remote host using TCP/IP

Problem #1

I am running a trial of this product but have been unable to make it work. I keep getting:

[] can't be opened [No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it]

The similar error message can also look like: #10061, winsock error #10060, connection refused.


This error often indicates a connection issue between a client and a server, and it appears when a remote side does not accept a connection. Please double-check the following:

  1. Firewall Settings: Check if the firewall on either the client or server side is blocking the connection. This firewall can be located on your computer, or if you connect to your device, it can be an intermediate server (gateway) in your corporate network. You may need to add an exception for the application in the firewall settings.
  2. IP address: You use the wrong IP address or the port number of your remote device. For example, a non-static IP address can be changed in run-time. You can use an active VPN connection with other address space or routes.
  3. Remote Side Configuration: The necessary feature is not enabled on your device. For example, the SMDR feature on this port is not enabled in the PBX settings.
  4. Rebooting: You didn't reboot/restart your device after enabling the feature from #2 (in some cases).
  5. License Problem: You do not have a license for external communications for your remote device (e.g., a PBX may require a special license key for the SMDR feature).
  6. Limit of Connection: Another system already connected to the same port on your remote device, and it allows only one active connection for data collecting.

Problem #2

[] can't be opened [Address not available in bind]

Other variants of this error: #10049, winsock error #10049, address not available in bind.


This error appears when the program is configured as a server, but uses a wrong IP address:

  1. Client or Server: You've selected an incorrect connection mode in our logger. If you would like to connect to a remote server, you should select the "Client" mode in our software.
  2. IP address: You use the wrong IP address or the port number of your computer. For example, a non-static IP address can be changed in run-time. We recommend using the IP address "" in the server mode. In this case, the logger will detect the correct IP address automatically.



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