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 Activating the software without internet or e-mail access


I just bought your software. My computer is not connected to the internet or have access to e-mail. How can I get a password for activation?



  1. Please, start the activation wizard on the target (offline) computer (you may do it using the "Help - Activate" menu item, or start "onlineactivator.exe" in the program folder).
  2. Select the "Offline" activation method.
  3. The wizard will offer to copy a special link to Windows Clipboard. For example, you may save this link to a text file on a USB disk. Go
    to the next step, and do not close the activation wizard.
  4. Go to any online computer. Open the copied link in your favorite web browser.
  5. The opened web page will show you the registration code. Copy and save the registration code to another text file.
  6. Copy the file with the registration code to the offline computer.
  7. Go to the offline computer. Open the new text file in any editor, then copy registration code to Windows Clipboard, then paste it in the activation wizard.
  8.  Complete activation process.
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