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 Category: Advanced Serial Port Monitor

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Can I used Serial Port Monitor to view comm activities on an used com port
Question If the com port already been used to transfer data, can I used the tool to view comm activities? Answer Yes, please, launch our software, switch it to the Spy mode and open a port. After...
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Save data as shown in the window
Problem Although I can view the serial port data on the screen as HEX....there seems to be no way to save it to a file as HEX. I tried for 20 minutes to configure this feature, and although I selecte...
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The sign of the end of string
Question How do I get the program to display all characters including the character I set as the "end character"? Example, if I have as the end character I would expect to see <CR>&...
Article rated 4.0/5.0
Send of a HEX data append a return HEX 0D
Question Why does the send of a HEX data append a return HEX 0D to the end of the string? I do not want this. Answer Please, change this options here: Main menu - Options - Program settings - CO...
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Com Port can't be opened. Port already opened?
Question I have installed your logger on a machine attached physically to a serial device. However, when I try to create a device, I receive an error that my port cannot be opened. Is there a...
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No data in window
Problem We keep get the following data when opening the screen, [len=0] <20110111103919.187 RX> [len=0] <20110111103919.687 TX> [len=0] <20110111103919.703 RX> ...
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Capture traffic between two external devices, using a serial port
Question Two devices, a and b, talk to each other with a serial port. I want to log the data. So my plan is to have a PC with 2 com ports, one connected to a the other to b, and have data logging s...
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Settings not persisting
Problem Everytime I open (or re-open) ASPM it reverts to default settings (including tooltips showing etc). I've tried installing it in a directory outside of the default windows ones to no avail. Thi...
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