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 Service mode not collecting data


Data logger captures and parses data fine in normal mode, but when in service mode, no data is being logged. Can you please advise?


1. Please try to start the program with the elevated administrator privileges (Right-click over the program icon and select "Run as administrator") and verify your settings. By default, the service works with the administrator privileges, and they are different from the standard user privileges.

If you have already configured the logger as the standard user, then you may select "Main menu → Options → Save to INI file," close the program and try to start the service.

Please attempt to configure the service to start with your account in the Services control panel and restart the service.

2. If you write data to a file on a network drive, the service is limited in this case. Please attempt to write to a local folder.

3. Please verify that you do not write data to a system folder like "C:\Windows" or "C:\Program Files." These folders require special permissions too. Please try to write to the "C:\Logs" folder instead.

4. If you send data to an MS SQL database and use the Windows (domain) authentication, you should use an SQL authentication instead. Moreover, you may try to configure the service to start with your account name in the "Services" control panel.

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