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 Automatically start asdl when Windows starts


I am having trouble getting the logger to start when Windows starts up. I have tried the following:

  • I added the logger shortcut to Windows Scheduler.
  • I added the logger shortcut to the shell/startup directory.
  • I tried to use the setting in the program to run as a service. The program does not function correctly when I run it as a service. Also, the service does not interact with the desktop when checked.
  • I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software rebooting the computer as directed.

Do you have any suggestions?


The service should work, but it cannot interact with a desktop on Windows 10. It is a security limitation of Windows since Windows Vista.

Try the following.

1. Stop the service.
2. Start the program in desktop mode with elevated administrator privileges (Right-click over the program icon and select "Run as administrator").
3. Select "Main menu - Options - Save settings to INI."
4. Close the program and start the service.

If the settings above do not help, you may check the following file for errors:
c:\ProgramData\[Program Name]\[Program file].log

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